WHITE MIST – Summer Harvest 2019

Heavy mists often immerse the tea garden slopes in a nourishing vail of moisture and light.

The fine bud and two leaves are hand harvested and gently laid out to air dry maintaining consistency and structure of the leaf.

Minimally processed, this hand made tea best expresses the terroir of slopes in which it was grown.


Style White
Origin Westholme BC Canada
Tasting Notes This is a graceful yet full flavoured white tea that truly captures the unique terroir of the farm.
Temperature Use 80ºC - 90ºC water (below boil) and pour over the loose leaves.
Steep 2.5g per cup of water. Steep for 3-5 minutes. We invite you to enjoy several steeps.

Starting at $35.00$75.00

Starting at $35.00$75.00
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