Tree Frog Green Spring Harvest 2019

From early spring on, we hear the riveting song of the Pacific Tree Frog in the meadows and wetlands surrounding our farm. The song fills the valley and adds an enchanting and mysterious sensation to the time of year.

Tree Frog Green – Spring Harvest consists of thousands of carefully selected tender leaves and buds from our 9 year old tea plants. The first two leaves and a bud are hand-plucked and then quickly steamed, rolled, wok-fired and finished.


Style Green
origin Westholme BC Canada
tasting notes A soft and smooth green tea with subtle notes of citrus and a sweet, grassy vegetal linger.
Temperature Use 85ÂșC water (below boil) and pour lovingly over the loose leaves.
Steep Steep for 3-5 minutes. Very low astringency will allow you to steep longer if you wish and we encourage up to 3 re-steeps.

Starting at $45.00$190.00

Starting at $45.00$190.00
Sizes 10g 25g 50G
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