One of the most famous oolongs manufactured in China, Ti Kwan Yin It is from the mountainous Fujian province. Ti Kwan Yin is named after the goddess Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Legend has it that emperor Kangxi prayed to Kwan Yin for her to help restore his health. The goddess answered his prayers and later appeared before him in a dream. She brought him to a mountainous area where she showed him the tea slopes and how the poor farmers were living. She asked that the emperor help these farmers prosper by establishing a tea-growing region. Thus, emperor Kangxi declared Ti Kwan Yin famous and the area’s tea industry blossomed.

Ti Kwan Yin is one of the most complex teas to produce and is highly revered for its fragrant aroma and mild flavour. The leaves are rolled into little balls that open up during the steep. This tea takes several re-steeps.

Certified Organic

Origin Fujian Province, China
tasting notes A light and vegetal cup offering a fresh and rich flavour with a subtle floral sweetness.
temperature 90-95ºC
steep 5 minutes and re-steep up to four times
Oolong v

The mountains of Fujian province in China are the origin of oolong tea. Known as ‘wulong’ or ‘black dragon’ tea, it is distinguished by its long twisted almost serpentine leaves. Oolong is the most complex and intricate tea to produce and it is believed to promote good digestion and longevity. Due to its popularity, oolong is no longer exclusively manufactured in China or Taiwan. India also produces a wide range of oolong teas.

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