This semi-oxidized oolong from one of Darjeeling’s northernmost tea gardens offers a beautiful and refreshing taste adventure into the world of both Darjeeling and oolong teas.

Certified Organic

origin Darjeeling, India
tasting notes A beautifully smooth oolong with a soft buttery finish and subtle toasted notes.
temperature 90-95ºC
steep 5 minutes and re-steep up to four times
oolong v

The mountains of Fujian province in China are the origin of oolong tea. Known as ‘wulong’ or ‘black dragon’ tea, it is distinguished by its long twisted almost serpentine leaves. Oolong is the most complex and intricate tea to produce and it is believed to promote good digestion and longevity. Due to its popularity, oolong is no longer exclusively manufactured in China or Taiwan. India also produces a wide range of oolong teas.

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Starting at $8.00$187.50
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