Tea was introduced to Morocco by the British and the Dutch in the eighteenth century. Initially, it was a beverage reserved for the privileged but by the nineteenth century most of the country had grown accustomed to the beverage. Today, most people in Morocco consume tea several times a day. Offering tea is an important symbol of Moroccan hospitality and this North African country is now the largest importer of Chinese green tea in the world.

Certified Organic


Origin Blended in Westholme combining a traditional green Gunpowder tea with West Coast Peppermint
ingredients Green Gunpowder Tea, Peppermint
tasting notes A fabulously refreshing afternoon tea. The flavour is bold and revitalizing. Enjoy hot or cold.
temperature 100ÂșC
steep 3-5 minutes
hand-blended v

At Westholme Tea Company, we take tea and taste seriously. Putting different teas and herbs together to create a new tea is much like creating a special meal. The right amount of many different ingredients will result in a whole new flavour profile. Straight from a garden to the blending room, pure and full of aroma like nature intended it, we create authentic and memorable experiences. We take pride in sourcing traditional, handcrafted, high quality black teas from around the world to offer the finest organic blended teas you will find. Highlighting the unique flavour profiles of each individual tea, our focus is always quality and taste and we are passionate about producing great blends that naturally combine into a delightful cup.

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Starting at $5.00$97.50
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