A quality shade-grown Japanese classic tea ground into a tasty cup.   The quick steaming of the leaf creates a grassy and refreshing matcha.

Style Green
origin Japan
tasting notes Sweet and fresh on the nose with a nice kelpy finish. 
temperature 75ºC
steep Create a paste with a few droplets of water, then add water and whisk to create a nice froth. Add water to taste.
Matcha v

Although the Chinese began to experiment with ground tea leaves centuries ago, it is Japan that is home to matcha as we know it today. Matcha is finely ground tea leaves. True matcha has been used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony for centuries. The tea leaves destined to become high-grade ceremonial matcha are protected from the sun a couple of weeks before harvest. This is mostly to preserve a sweeter grassier flavour and to reduce the astringency in the tea. It also increases the chlorophyll in the leaves thus adding more antioxidants to the cup.
In recent years, Matcha has gained enormous popularity worldwide. Whether matcha is frothed up with a whisk and enjoyed straight from a tea bowl, as matcha lattes or added to smoothies it boasts great health benefits. Due to the incredible popularity, tea producers outside of Japan are beginning to create matcha from a variety of green and white teas. This multiplies the variety of flavours offered.

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Starting at $10.00$240.00
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