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CTC stands for Cut Tear Curl. It is a method of tea processing that was developed in India in the 1930’s. After plucking, the leaves destined for CTC processing go through similar stages as orthodox black tea. Instead of the final rolling, however, the leaves are passed through a rotorvane thereby breaking the cells and exposing more of the oils contained in the tea. The concluding curling of the cut and torn tea leaves results in little pellets that are prepared like regular loose tea. The result is a bold, rich and dark cup. The Belseri tea estate is one the largest certified organic estates in Assam. Belseri is located on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River. The teas grown and processed at this location are classic Assamese with a distinctive and lush flavour profile.

Certified Organic

The organic teas we import are artisanally farmed and crafted. They may change with each harvest season. The same tea harvested at a different time of year and processed by a different tea maker will vary slightly in flavour and finish.

Origin Belseri Estate, Assam, India
Tasting Notes A rich and bold black tea with robust, malty notes and a hint of sweetness. This tea takes milk and honey exceptionally well.
Temperature 100ºC
Steep 3-5 minutes
Assam, India v

In the northeastern state of Assam in India, along the Brahmaputra River grow the hearty, malty Assam teas. Assam is home to the Camellia sinensis assamica variety of the tea bush. The heavy rainfall and hot, humid daytime temperatures in this area create the perfect green-house like environment for growth. It is also this unique climate that helps to create the exceptional and distinct flavour found only in Assam teas.

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Starting at $5.00$82.50
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