Summer is here and it is time to start enjoying iced tea. Did you know that all the teas in your cupboard would make great iced tea? Preparing loose tea to be enjoyed cold is very easy and offers the benefit of better health the better the quality of your tea.
Here are several simple steps to make iced tea for yourself, family and friends.


Prepare hot tea using 3g (1.5 teaspoon) per cup (234ml) of cold water. Allow to cool to room temp and then refrigerate to serve later.

Another option is to brew hot and serve over plenty of ice right away. This ‘pour-over’ method requires twice the amount of loose tea.


The other method of preparation is cold brewing. With this method, the cold water draws out, or pulls the flavour from the leaf as opposed to hot water, used in traditional brewing, which pushes the flavour from the leaf. Subsequently, cold infusion is a much slower, gentle method that results in a smooth, more subtle, naturally sweet tasting tea.

To prepare a cold infusion you will need;

A clean glass jar or pitcher.

Add loose tea (about 1.5 times the amount you would normally use).

Add cold water and cover with lid.

Let it sit in the fridge for four to ten hours, depending on the type (less time for white teas, green teas and wiry/flat oolongs, more time for rolled oolongs and longest for pu-erhs, herbal infusions and black teas).


A great tip for preparing large amounts of iced tea is to make ice cubes with the tea. It allows for keeping the tea chilled without diluting the flavour.

A word of caution – brewed tea has a shelf life! Not only can bacteria begin to form but time and exposure diminish the health benefits. For best results, adhere to the following:

Tea stored at room temperature should be kept no longer than 2 days.

Tea stored in the refrigerator should be kept no longer than 3 days.