Clay is an interesting medium to work in. During the process of forming and building the clay is soft and supple. The flexible, and even elastic, nature of the clay allows for adjustments and corrections. Many mistakes or undesired shapes and forms can be altered up until a certain point. When the clay reaches the leather hard stage, this is much more difficult and when it is completely dry it can no longer be changed. At this point in time, the clay can be wetted again and eventually recycled into new pieces. Thus, many mistakes can be remedied before the piece is ready for the kiln. The unfired dry clay piece goes into the kiln as greenware and comes out as bisque ware. Most pieces will undergo a second firing, the glaze firing, in order to complete the creative process. The bisque firing happens around 1000ºC and the glaze firing at a considerably higher temperature depending on different styles and ware. In a nutshell, these firings are what will transform the piece from clay to ceramic. And it is no wonder many things can go sideways at those temperatures.

Working with clay keeps one humble. I never quite know what chemical transformation may have occurred during a 10-hour firing process. I will pull pieces from the kiln and notice that the glaze ran in places I didn’t intend it to. Sometimes, the pieces simply didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to and I may put them aside. All these pieces are collected during the year.

A few years ago, I decided to dedicate the second day of the second month to sell all my seconds. The event has now become an annual repeat and a wonderful way to kick off the season.

So, on February 2nd at 2 pm, I invite people to come to my studio to select from the seconds I have produced throughout the previous year.

And, in keeping with the theme of seconds and 2s, I tempt everyone to come in a tutu. It adds a carnivalesque atmosphere to a midwinter’s day and offers 22% savings off all regularly priced clay pieces.

And yes… the sale is only 2 hours!

Here are some pictures from 02.02 2018…